16/02/2017 My Status

Above song is the first song we listened together.

I remember that a day we first met, we were in the Bao Loc pass, the moon followed us, everything was covered by the dark.. It was very nice to be with you! You did not know how wonderful I felt! I remember when we went to a pagoda, that was a very fun memory!

I remember the days we walked in the park, sat on the chair… Other days, we watched music performances, movies, got coffee/tea..

Although I know that you have not loved me yet, my mind could not win my emotion..
Now I miss your smile what makes me crazy, makes me not care anything around me!

Below song expresses my emotion at this moment!

Begin by the song, End by the other song!
Perhaps, “How start, How finish!”. Thank you!


16/02/2017, 01:01 AM.
Lee Uy Vox

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